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Members of the Board of the
Hans Günter Brauch Foundation
Hans Günter Brauch Foundation for Peace and Ecology
in the Anthropocene (HGBF-PEA)
Documents and Registration of the HGBF-PEA

Dr. Hans Günter Brauch (1947), Mosbach, Germany
Chairman of the Board Political Scientist, AFES-PRESS Chairman
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Prof. Dr. Úrsula Oswald Spring (1946, Mexico, Switzerland),
Deputy Board Chair, UNAM, CRIM, Cuernavaca, Mexico
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Dr. Hans Friedrich Happes, M.A. (1953),
Deputy Board Chair, Former headmaster, Nicolaus-Kistner Grammar School in Mosbach (Ret.),
Georg Nelius (1949),
Member of the Board, former SPD member of the State Parliament (2007-2021), Deputy Mayor of Mosbach, Chair of the SPD Faction in rhe Town Council. Member of the County Council of the Neckar-Odenwald County.

The Hans Günter Brauch Foundation for Peace and Ecology in the Anthropocene (HGBS) is a foundation under civil law with legal capacity which has its registered office in 74821 Mosbach in Baden-Württemberg.

Aims and Purposes of this Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote science and research, education and upbringing, international peace and environmental protection, in particular peace research, ecology and the interrelationships of peace and ecology (peace ecology) in the Anthropocene, the new epoch in the history of the Earth.

The Purpose of the Foundation shall be realised through

a) Promoting local competitions on questions of the transition to sustainability and peace at general-education grammar schools in the Neckar-Odenwald County, which will be awarded annually to each school from 2022 onwards.

b) An international science prize for peace and ecology that will be awarded from 2023 onwards with the prize for students.

c) Maintenance of a foundation house with archives, library and the foundation office (after the founder's death).

d) Conducting scientific events, research projects and their publication on peace research and ecology (currently not possible).

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