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Second ISP (10 October 2024) deadline: 31 May 2024

First ISP (14 July 2023) deadline 31 January 2023

Award of the Second International Science Prize 2024 of the HGBS on the Theme:

Award of the First International Science Prize 2023 of the HGBS on the Theme:

Second (2024): Ecocide: Impacts of Wars and/or Climate Change on Food Security Since 1945

First (2023): Climate Change and Conflicts

Ecocide: Impacts of Wars and/or Climate Change on Food Security Since 1945

Climate Change and Conflicts

International Science Prize Recipient will receive Prize Money of 3000€

Recipients of International Recognitions will receive a free scientific book contract with a honoratium

  • 100-300 pages (900€),
  • 300-500 pages (1200€),
  • More than 500 pages (1500€)

International Science Prize Recipient (2023):

Prof. Dr. Tobias Ide, Murdoch University, Perth; Hiroshima University; Braunschweig, Technical University.

Recipients of International Recognition

Dr. Tom Deligiannis, Wilfrid Laurier University, Faculty of Global Studies, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Richard Marcantonio, Assistant Teaching Professor, Notre Dame University, USA.


The Foundation Board has awarded Tobias Ide from Murdoch University, Perth (Australia) as the first International Science Prize winner of 2023 for his book: Catastrophes, Confrontations and Constraints – How Disasters Shape the Dynamics of Armed Conflict published by MIT Press, 6 June 2023. The award ceremony took place on Friday, 14 July 2023, in the Alte Mälzerei in Mosbach (Germany). The Prize consists of a certificate and a prize money of 3.000 Euros. The prize will be awarded annually in Mosbach (Germany).

Hans Günter Brauch (HGBS founder), Tobias Ide (International Science Prize Recipient), Julian Stipp (Lord Mayor of Mosbach), and Hans Happes (HGBS Board member). Photos: Christina Bock (Hassmersheim; Frank Heuß (Mosbach, Germany). © HGB Foundation 2023

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